Thursday, July 12, 2012

Twin Twist

Custom Twin Twist By xleonx007

Height - Masterpiece Height I'm Guessing?

Heavy Scratch, Nice Detail & Articulation
Split into 2 Vehicle Modes

E-Bay Current Price: $202.50 USD (Ended)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sky Lynx

Custom Sky Lynx By Unicron 9

Height - 5 ~ 6 Inches Each (Deluxe Size)
Combined - Maybe around 9 ~10 Inches (Voyager Size)

Custom Painted and modified to combine into the Mighty Sky Lynx.
Awesome Detailing and Paint Job.
Would look cool in my Classic/Henkei/Universe/Generations (CHUG) Collection

E-Bay Current Price: $779.00 USD (Ended)


Custom Mindwipe By ThyVipera Customs

Height - 8 Inches

Great Paint Job, Fine Detail, Stands Out Design, Fully Transformable.
These are the quality i look out for in a custom build.
And finally a Custom that is not based on everybody's favourite characters.

E-Bay Current Bid: $305.50 USD (ENDED)

It's times like these that i wish i wasnt broke........


Custom Blitzwing By King Octo X Custom

Height - 8 3/4 Inches
A Really Really Nice Detailed Masterpiece
Very Nice Durable Paint Job with Light up LED Eyes...

E-Bay Current Bid: $4050.00 USD (ENDED)
Over 4 K !!! Eeyikes......


Custom Shattered Glass TFC Hercules By Xaviercal

Height - 16 Inches
I know i dont really post about Repaints
but you gotta admit this is one Damn Good Looking Paint Job.

E-Bay Current Bid: $1250.00 USD (ENDED)


Custom Overlord By Lek Customs

Height - 9 Inches
LED Eyes & Sounds
Still Splits into 2 Vehicles and can still combine into a make shift base.
Customized to look as close to the G1 version as possible.

E-Bay Current Bid: $510 USD (ENDED)